So you have all the albums and singles, tins, matches, and even the elusive Sinister Ducks comic/single. You've scoured eBay for collectibles and have come up wondering just what else there is on which you can lay your paws.

This won't help you, because either these are one of a kind creations or they're the Holy Grail of Love and Rockets ephemera. But you can salivate over them.

t_dacardobverse Daniel Ash Valentine Card (submitted by Joel Rhodes aka GhostWriter73)
Love and Rockets promotional leather jacket, 1989. (submitted by David Rugh aka Josechunglb)
Love and Rockets ephemera, interpretation by David Rugh. (submitted by David Rugh aka Josechunglb)
Bubblemen soft toy dolls made by J.B. (submitted by J.B. aka strangelets)
Stained Glass Hex or Love & Rockets symbol, created for you by Ahna White.
  Love and Rockets Rosary in black velveteen bag with stamped hex symbol, given away as a promotional swag with the Holy Fool single.
  Love and Rockets ornaments made by strangelets.
  Love and Rockets liquor decanter made by loungebunny.
  Love and Rockets candleholder made by strangelets.